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Let's be real here...the online business space can be so exhausting, can't it?

There's so much that you need to do and learn! 

And it's all piling up and you feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

You can't figure out what to focus on so you can make the impact that you want to in your business!

You know something HAS to change because you can't keep going on like this.

At this rate, it will take YEARS to build a successful business and reach your goals and dreams.

But it is so hard with everyone out there giving out all sorts of different advice! One guru says to do this, while another one says

to do that!! How do you even keep up?! Which one is right?!

And MOST OF ALL you feel FRUSTRATED and OVERWHELMED because you KNOW you are meant to have a profitable and successful business that impacts the lives of others! But it's taking so much longer than you expected.

Figuring out WHAT your calling is and having the motivation to start your business is only the first step.

It takes DETERMINATION and focused ACTION to build a profitable business that allows you to reach your goals and impact the lives of others.

Here's the GOOD NEWS...it is 100% POSSIBLE to build a wildly profitable business! 

You, beautiful woman, have a unique calling that you and ONLY you can fulfill through your business!

You are capable of making your calling a reality, creating financial freedom, transforming lives, and building a successful business all at the same time!

When you take smart, strategic steps towards fulfilling your calling, you'll see it all fall into place-one success at a time!

Let me be really honest with you right now. It will take you a VERY long time to grow your business if you are jumping from one freebie to the next and trying to piece everything together yourself without getting the support and help you need.

I'm speaking from experience here!

I spent FAR TOO LONG trying to do it all on my own. Not that I'm against DIY'ing things, but there's a time and a place for that and it's NOT with your marketing!!

I started my business with a clear desire for entrepreneurship and the dream of creating generational wealth for my family but I had NO IDEA how to make that a reality.

Which lead to failure after failure because I thought I could do it all on my own.

I quickly realized it takes a whole lot more than a desire and motivation to build a profitable business, including getting the help I needed to learn how to market that business on social media successfully!

My mission is to help you learn how to attract PAYING CLIENTS with grace & ease

while building a God-honoring business that makes the INCOME & IMPACT you want!

I followed all the online guru's promising the next big thing. I downloaded all their freebies and and listened to all their webinars and masterclasses to teach myself everything I needed on my own. It was enough to get me started...kind of...but consuming all the freebies only got me so far. It didn't give me the support, the accountability, or the focus that I needed to build momentum and see REAL results.

After far too long and no results, I realized I was just wasting my time.

I still wasn't any closer to realizing my dreams, so I decided to hire a coach so that I could actually learn how to market my business effectively. It completely transformed my business and my life!

I know with all of my heart the same is possible for you!!

You already know what you are called to do. Now it's time to take focused action using proven strategies to accelerate your marketing and build the business you are dreaming of!

The Marketing and Mindset Blueprint coaching program can take you from frustrated and overwhelmed to confidently signing PAYING CLIENTS consistently!

You'll find crystal clear clarity on who you are, who you serve, and how to serve them, so you start attracting your ideal client sooner rather than later.

You'll be fully supported as you build a solid offer that's aligned with your calling and will bring immense value to your clients.

You'll gain the tools and confidence you need to sell in a non-sleazy way that speaks directly to your ideal client by using her language and be able to covert her to a paying client with grace and ease.

The Marketing and Mindset Blueprint will give you the strategy and coaching you need to multiply your efforts and help you develop the confidence necessary to attract your ideal client so you can finally experience the business success you've been dreaming of and were made for!

Here's a sneak peak at what's inside The Marketing and Mindset Blueprint Program!

The Marketing and Mindset Blueprint is broken down into 3+ powerful modules that are jam packed full of teachings and trainings. You also receive weekly coaching calls to continue with the training, support, and accountability you need. You'll experience the process I use with my clients to help them thrive as they get paid to do what they are called to do and love!

Module #1: The Mindset Module

The Mindset Course: Money Mindset, Business Mindset, Godly Mindset. This module helps you create the mindset you need to create a profitable and sustainable business that honors God and makes the income and impact you desire! This is one of the KEY factors in creating a successful business! 

Module #2: Foundations Module

The Foundations Course: Create your Vision and discover your Why, Dive deep into discovering your Ideal Client, and create an Irresistible Offer that your ideal client will be drooling over! When you have your foundation in place then your marketing becomes a breeze! Build a firm foundation with the Foundations Module!

Module #3: Marketing Module

The Marketing Course: Master Your Market Research, learn how to Create Captivating Copy, Reach & Connect with Your Ideal Clients, Master Your Consultation Calls, Get comfortable with Live Video & SO MUCH MORE! When you complete this module, you will be attracting your ideal clients with grace and ease! Plus, I include all the downloads & templates to help you on your marketing journey of attracting PAYING clients!

Module #4: Bonuses

SO MANY BONUSES! I can't wait to show you but here's a sneak peak: How to Optimize Your Facebook Group, How to Create a Lead Magnet, How to Create a Sales Funnel, How to Launch your Program, and Setting up your Brand Photo Shoot and so much more!! 

Why choose to work with me?

Here's what you get inside the Marketing and Mindset Blueprint!

  • 1:1 Weekly Coaching Calls ($5,000 value)

  • We get together every week and work through the mindset drama that comes up and tweak your marketing strategy so you can effectively attract your ideal clients!

  • Step-by-Step Curriculum ($7,500 value)

  • You'll receive access to my membership portal where you get exclusive training modules that walk you step by step through how to create the business of your dreams. You’ll learn the mindset & marketing shifts needed to create a sustainable business. It’s everything you need to successfully learn how to attract paying clients and grow a profitable business that honors God and makes the income and impact you desire.

  • 24/7 Messaging Support ($4,500 value)

  • I'm there for you whenever something comes up and you need help ASAP!

  • My Eyes on Your Business ($3,000 value)

  • No matter what you are struggling with, if it's related to mindset, organic marketing, and building your business online, I help you with it!

  • The Confidence to show up Powerfully (Priceless)

  • I'll teach you how to identify your ideal client, create an irresistible offer/package, and create captivating copy that magnetizes your ideal client to you (and so much more)! You'll have the confidence you need to show up powerfully and consistently! Coaching with me will give you everything you need to grow a profitable business that honors God and brings in PAYING CLIENTS on repeat. And all at an affordable price!

    This program is valued at $20,000+!! You can't beat this discount!

    Get Started for only $2,597 today!

    Are you feeling called to join The Marketing and Mindset Blueprint?

    The Marketing and Mindset Blueprint was designed for you if you can't get through this list without shouting, "that's me!"

  • You're a Christian coach, consultant, or service based entrepreneur with a burning desire to create a successful business.

  • You know what your calling is and have expertise in your area of business, but are struggling to find clients.

  • You know you are capable of accomplishing your goals and realize that getting the support you need will help you reach those goals FASTER and give you a roadmap to achieve your desired results.

  • You would happily invest $2,597 to learn how to create a full time income in your business.

  • You're ready to show up and do the work that is necessary to get your business off the ground because you KNOW you are meant to succeed!

  • I'm so excited you are ready to join me in The Marketing and Mindset Blueprint program!

    Complete your checkout and let's get ready to confidently build and grow your business today!

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