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I help your business grow!

As someone dedicated to your social media management, I can help increase awareness of your brand, bring in more leads and sales, and build customer loyalty at a price lower than traditional advertising. Book a free call to learn more!

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Social Media Management Services

Designed to give you great results at a reasonable price!

Offering Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Social Media Management

What you receive:

Account Set-Up

I can set-up your account, optimizing it to bring in more followers and ultimately more leads and sales.

Content Creation

I create high-quality content that aligns with your business. All content is scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance with 3-7 posts per week.

Graphic Design

I create graphics that align with your brand and your business.

Audience Interaction

I interact with your audience on your posts and in your messages, helping your online presence grow.

Ideal Client Engagement

I follow and engage with your ideal client as well as hashtags that your ideal client follows. A great way to grow your business!

Hashtag Research

I research and use only high-quality hashtags that will bring fresh eyes to your content and your page.

Social Media Management services start at $600* per month, per platform

*My clients typically spend $1200-2000 per month on their social media management

Pinterest Management

Pinterest is, without a doubt, the most overlooked social media platform to utilize for your business. Pinterest is, first and foremost - a search engine. Pins do not have the typical short life span of a social media post. They can be searched for and found years after they are posted! If making money while you sleep sounds like fun, Pinterest is for you! Allow me to optimize your account and grow your business!

Starting at $600/mo

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Pinterest Set-Up/Clean-up

If you have the time to manage your own Pinterest account, this could be a great option for you! Let me set-up, clean-up, or optimize your account and boards! I clean up your old boards, add new relevant boards, and add keyword rich descriptions and titles to your boards.

Starting at $200/mo

À la Carte Services

Target Audience Engagement 

Engaging with your ideal client and target audience are crucial to the growth of your business. If you have your content perfected but don't have time to engage with your target audience then this is the package for you! Allow me to take care of liking, commenting and following relevant accounts, for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, to grow your brand!

Starting at $200/mo

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Hashtag Research

Did you know hashtags are a great way to reach a new audience? Do you know how to tell if a hashtag is a good quality hashtag or one that could land you in Instagram jail? What about banned hashtags? Did you know there are over 100,000 banned hashtags that if used will harm your post and could possibly get your account banned? I offer hashtag research with your audience, ideal client, and business in mind. They will be high quality hashtags and will grow your reach. If all you need is help with your hashtags, then this package is for you! 

Starting at $75/150 hashtags

Make your choice wisely

It takes unique qualities to be a successful social media manager.

One of the mistakes business owners often make is to choose a social media manager based on their rate (often the cheapest they can find) with no regard as to whether or not that person is the best for the job.

Find someone who is passionate about the success of your business and watch your business grow!

My mission is to serve you by creating marketing strategies that align with your business goals in such a way that I grow your brand, increase your engagement, drive traffic to your website, and bring in more leads and sales!

Grab your spot on my calendar today to learn more about how I can help your business grow!

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